Build your art collection with a range of high quality, affordable and unique artists prints.  By buying artwork from us you will also be helping to fund our arts programmes for patients and staff and other health related charities.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our prints please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us on 0207 480 4654.

Please note all of our prints are priced unframed, framing specifications and framing companies can be recommended upon request.

Leo Fitzmaurice, Every Little Helps, 2014 Leo Fitzmaurice
Every Little Helps, 2014

Paula Kane, Fall by a Stream 2014 Paula Kane
Fall by a Stream, 2014
web_hurvin_anderson Hurvin Anderson
Sun Shade, 2013

Tord Boontje, Sunny Day 2013 Tord Boontje
Sunny Day, 2013
Georgie Hopton, A Veg Print For All Seasons, 2013 Georgie Hopton
A Veg Print For All Seasons, 2013

Kate Bright, Avenue, 2013 Kate Bright
Avenue, 2013
Blaise Drummond, At  Forest Margins, in Meadows and Fields, 2013 Blaise Drummond
At Forest Margins, in Meadows and Fields, 2013

Blaise Drummond, Mountain Rivers and Streams, 2013 Blaise Drummond
Mountain Streams and Rivers, 2013
Blaise Drummond, A New Path to the Waterfall, 2013 Blaise Drummond
A New Path to the Waterfall, 2013

lothargotz_HutteimGrunen_green Lothar Götz
Hütte im Grünen, 2012
lothargoetz_wasserschlo_blue Lothar Götz
Wasserschloß, 2012

bobandrobertasmith Bob and Roberta Smith
Bird Search, 2009


catherineyass Catherine Yass
Sleep (Swamp), 2009


ankadabrowska_1 Anka Dabrowska
Untitled 1, 2008

ankadabrowska_2 Anka Dabrowska
Untitled 2, 2008
ankadabrowska_3 Anka Dabrowska
Untitled 3, 2008
jochenklein_tabletop_1 Jochen Klein
Tabletop 1, 2007

jochenklein_tabletop_2 Jochen Klein
Tabletop 2, 2007

jochenklein_tabletop_3 Jochen Klein
Tabletop 3, 2007
jochenklein_tabletop_6 Jochen Klein
Tabletop 6, 2007

rachelgoodyear_fawn Rachel Goodyear
Fawn, 2006

rachelgoodyear_foxes Rachel Goodyear
Foxes, 2006

rachelgoodyear_boulder Rachel Goodyear
Boulder, 2006

rachelgoodyear_skippingrope Rachel Goodyear
Skipping, 2006

rachelgoodyear_lioness Rachel Goodyear
Lioness, 2006

peepshow Peepshow
Peepshow, 2006
martamarce Marta Marce
Pinballing, 2006


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