Vital Arts

Peter Liversidge


Proposals for The Royal London Hospital

Paperback book
21.1 x 16.8 cm
£10 limited introductory offer plus postage and packaging 

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In 2012 Vital Arts invited artist Peter Liversidge to be artist-in-residence at The Royal London Hospital during its transition from the original Georgian buildings on Whitechapel High Street, to the modern buildings of Stepney Way.  We wanted an artist who had a strong attachment to his local hospital, its long and rich history and who understood the importance of the hospital in the lives of millions of east-enders.

Over the course of six weeks, Liversidge sifted through the hospital’s extensive archives, and wandered the dark corridors of de-commissioned buildings, collecting abandoned materials as he went, a book cover here – a paint flake there. Then as is typical of Liversidge’s practice, he typed a series of site specific public art proposals that provide the reader and the commissioner with an array of intriguing ideas for temporary and permanent artworks for the enjoyment of the hospital community. This book contains the outcome of his residency; sixty six proposals that offer a lyrical world of possibility and whilst some of the proposals contained in this book have been realised, others are sadly unfeasible, impractical or purely poetic.

Peter Liversidge’s commission, including all the proposals that have been realised to date, can be seen lining the eleventh floor corridor at the new Royal London Hospital Whitechapel.