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The Renal Unit at Barts Health NHS Trust is one of the largest in Europe, with over 1,200 patients. Patients visit the renal unit for dialysis three times per week, each visit lasts around four hours. Approximately 80% of patients will not receive a kidney transplant and will be on dialysis for the rest of their lives. Vital Arts, in partnership with Central St Martins, received funding from AHRC to deliver a patient consultation with haemodialysis patients at The Royal London Hospital. Together we wish to explore ways of improving this community space through activities and design interventions that engage and enrich patients’ experience of being in hospital, creating a positive environment and community.

We are working with patients to analyse their wants and needs, examining how these might be met by art or design interventions. We are looking at which creative activities foster a sense of community and how they do so. We are investigating processes and outcomes that impact positively on the space; those which engage, stimulate and uplift and continue to inspire patients over multiple visits.

From our patient conversations we have come up with two ideas to trial;

1) Window To The Outside World
We hope to install monitors into the unit, which will live stream nature, for instance birds feeding, in real time.

2) Renal Recipes
We spoke with patients from a variety of different backgrounds. We asked them about their favourite dishes, where they learnt to cook them, what their associations are with them and how they adapt them to their dietary requirements. We then printed these and distributed them, with a questionnaire, to dialysis patients at The Royal London.

Read the full report here: FINAL REPORT

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