Umpatacum, Open Day 2011

Harpist Jean Kelly at The Royal London Hospital

Vital Arts provides music concerts for the enjoyment of patients and staff. Our live arts programmes have a well-documented impact, lifting the spirits and alleviating the stress of being in hospital for patients and visitors.  We deliver focused and specially tailored music performance projects on paediatric and elderly wards, which offer respite and positive opportunities for patients accessing hospital treatment. These projects can be found on our Participation Page

You can listen to music from some of our recent projects here:


Baby Bird's Journey

Vital Music CD

'How lovely - it's so wonderful to walk into a gloomy place like this and be treated to a concert.  It really helps take your mind off things'

Patient at a concert in Outpatients Waiting Area

To purchase a selection of Vital Arts CDs, with all proceeds raised helping to fund the music programme, visit our shop.

We are currently fundraising for the music programme 2013-14. If you would like to support the development of this programme please contact us on 020 7480 4654