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Come On In
Morag Myerscough
Come On In
Morag Myerscough
Come On In
Morag Myerscough

Morag Myerscough

Come On In, 2012

Children’s ward 7D
Trauma and Gastroenterology
7th Floor

Designer Morag Myerscough has embellished ward 7D with her signature style of hand-painted words and distinctive patterns. This commission was inspired by a visit Myerscough made in 2008 to Delhi, excited by the wonderful colours and decoration of the city she returned home to create a series of drawings based upon her experience. When approached about the commission Myerscough felt it was the perfect opportunity to realise these thoughts and ideas for The Royal London Children’s Hospital.

Morag Myerscough explains:

“The piece has a huge amount of references that had been embedded in my memory for many years and came out all together at one time. So there are elements of circus, organic, art deco, Asian culture, Victorian architecture and the list goes on so a real mash-up that came out of my head onto paper and then onto the walls. The whole aim of the piece was to make a ward that would help to bring some joy to the young patients and parents with colour and some fun that would be warm and welcoming.”

Photography by Gareth Gardner