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Bedside Views, 2011
Ella Doran

Ella Doran

Bedside Views, 2011

Curtains, tables and bedside cabinets
In-patient wards
7th floor Royal London Hospital

Critically acclaimed textile artist / designer Ella Doran, worked closely with the Trust’s procurement team to design and manufacture a series of furniture and textiles throughout all of the children’s wards. Privacy curtains give patients a playful panoramic view of the Thames in Central London with hot air balloons and kites. The reverse of the curtains reveal contrasting colours that complement the hospital furniture.

Bedside cabinets are covered with images of boats, origami planes and clouds. Even over-bed tray tables offer alternative views into a lush London garden.

Ella Doran was delighted when she observed that the children responded how she had hoped to achieve
with her work:

“‘A seminal moment for me was when a three-year-old girl stopped crying the moment she saw the
curtains, pointing excitedly to the hidden cats and rabbits. That’s when I knew my design had worked.”

The company of award-winning textile designer Ella Doran specialises in the surface design of distinctive home accessories and furnishings.

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